SwissBorg Raises €20M with Revolutionary Community-Centric Fundraiser

• SwissBorg has set a new standard for fundraising by successfully raising €20M in their Series A round.
• The company engages the public in the development of innovative companies through community-centric approaches.
• SwissBorg provides users with easy access to cryptocurrency investments and DeFi opportunities, positioning itself as a leader in the European crypto market.

SwissBorg Raises Over €20M

SwissBorg has achieved an impressive milestone by successfully raising over €20 million during their Series A fundraising round. This demonstrates the power of community-centric approaches and sets a new standard for fundraising. With this remarkable achievement, SwissBorg is well-positioned to become a leader in the European crypto market.

Revolutionary Community-Centric Fundraising

Building upon their earlier success in raising $50 million from 24,000 individuals during their initial coin offering (ICO) held in 2017/18, SwissBorg’s Series A fundraising was incredibly successful. The company sold 13,651,189 shares to 16,841 investors and reached a final valuation of approximately 200M Swiss Francs. This shows that engaging the public through community-driven fundraising can produce amazing results for innovative companies.

Accessible Platform For Crypto Investments

The platform created by SwissBorg offers users an accessible and user-friendly experience when managing their crypto assets. It provides users with easy access to cryptocurrency investments and decentralized finance (DeFi) opportunities, enabling them to benefit from the growth of this rapidly evolving industry.

Advancing Web3 Ecosystem

Swissborg is dedicated to advancing the Web3 ecosystem and helping people benefit from its growth potential. By offering an easy and secure way for users to manage their cryptos assets with confidence, they are making sure that everyone can participate in this global movement towards decentralization and financial freedom for all.

Setting New Standards For Fundraising

By demonstrating the potential of community-based approaches in raising funds, Swissborg has set a new benchmark for how modern businesses should conduct their fundraisings rounds . Their success showcases how connecting directly with people can create long lasting relationships between customers and companies while allowing both parties to reap rewards at scale never seen before!

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