Bitcoin (BTC) reaches its high of the previous year – investors take profits

Bitcoin was able to continue its rally, rising to last year’s high of $ 13,858. BTC dominance can benefit from this bullish move and continue to rise as well.

However, a sale on the global financial market due to rising Covid-19 numbers has allowed the BTC rate to be significantly corrected in the last few hours

The key currency Bitcoin has not stopped and rose significantly northwards this week as well. On Wednesday, October 28th, the BTC price hit the 2019 annual high of 13,858 US dollars. First investors are currently taking profits. The BTC price drops around $ 600 in the last hours of trading and at the time of this analysis is standing at $ 13,223. The assumption made in the last analysis that the key currency can further break away from the current correction in the classic market was thus confirmed. However, this situation can change suddenly as soon as investors get cold feet because of new corona risks and liquidate all assets.

Bullish scenario (Bitcoin price)

The current consolidation of the BTC rate is not surprising after the rally in recent weeks and in the medium term it is very healthy for a sustained rise in the key currency. It is now important for the bulls that the BTC rate does not slide below $ 12,492. From this level, renewed attempts to climb towards US $ 13,858 can be expected. If the bulls can dynamically break this mark higher than the daily closing price, the chances of a march towards the next price target of 14,805 US dollars increase. If the price of Bitcoin then stays above 13,858 US dollars, further subsequent increases in the direction of 15,814 US dollars and a maximum of 16,262 US dollars are to be planned. As long as investor interest continues unabated, there are 17,187 US dollars and 17. $ 810 other possible target areas. Only a significant break in these resistance levels would pave the way towards the all-time high of $ 19,882.

Bearish scenario (Bitcoin rate)

The bears are currently trying to build up some selling pressure. If the BTC price slips below the first important support at 13,198 US dollars, this would be the first sign of life for the bears. A first proper consistency test can be expected at $ 12,492. Increased resistance from the bull camp can be expected at this support at the latest. Only when the BTC rate slips well below this key support do the chances of an expanded rate consolidation improve. If the bears manage to break through the 12,492 US dollar daily closing price, a relapse to 12,307 US dollars and 11,806 US dollars must be planned.

If these two supports are consistently undershot and the US $ 11,500 also drops, the breakout level at US $ 11,099 will come back into focus in the coming weeks. In this area, bullish investors are likely to come back again and try to stabilize the BTC price. If the bears can win the battle for this chart mark and dynamically push the BTC price back below $ 11,099, the current price rally would be over for the time being. As long as the Bitcoin price can defend this mark, BTC prices can be expected to continue to rise in the medium term.

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