Crypto Profit Review: A Bitcoin Scam in Town

Crypto Profit Review: A Bitcoin Scam in Town

Crypto Profit is a company that has a very weird domain name ( It is clear that this isn’t an authorized company and they can take your money with even blinking an eye. This company operates in a way that is illegal, and you must stay clear of this business.

Crypto Profit

The business is a rich quick scheme that turns out to be a infamous Ponzi scheme that is taking over the town. The website uses the cloned data of another fraudulent scheme that we’ve disclosed earlier in our investigation. The data we’ve collected during our investigation is overwhelming and demonstrates that investors are in the middle of an enigma.

Crypto Profit is promoted widely on various platforms. It is evident that the people who promote the services offered by this venture are motivated by a nefarious motive. The software doesn’t have the capacity to earn profits for investors.

The software works with offshore brokerage firms in the market. We discovered a fraudulent venture called MGCLogic This brokerage is not trading. There have been numerous complaints and isn’t the most attractive thing.

A number of clients are unable to access their funds. The broker that does not take care of withdrawal requests in a timely manner is to be avoided. Unfortunately, Crypto Profit is working with such companies on the market. Always invest in successful crypto trading bots in the market.

The company was on the market for a while, but they have changed their domain names. But, they’re employing recycled content which only highlights the amount of inefficiency as well as the lack of innovation. The chief behind the Ponzi schemes.

Crypto Profit does not have trading software that could be used to earn profit. Crypto Profit is only operating as an affiliate business which gathers investors who are looking for unsavory brokers. They’ll get an enormous commission, while the brokers they are referring to lose money.

Crypto Profit Review

The company provides three simple steps to follow to join their ranks. First, you need to make a pay in cash a sum of $250. The company doesn’t specify the method of payment you may use since the company claims that you may use any methods.

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Once you have made the payment, you will receive a telephone call from their knowledgeable employees. You can then begin earning profits from trading BTC. They encourage potential clients to Harry up and not overlook the chance.

The platform does not hide the fact that they’re working in partnership in partnership with MGCLogic (an off-shore) brokerage. They assure you the highest returns, ranging from 88% to 98%. Many investors are pondering how this system functions and how it will produce very appealing figures for their customers. It’s simple to start The venture doesn’t possess trading tools or software.

The website claims that it can assist customers when trading BTC. The company only says that it uses a unique algorithm, but does not provide details. We recommend that our users be wary of systems that make big claims, without verifying.

While conducting our investigation, we could not come across financial reports which can confirm the effectiveness of this business. We’d love to confirm this software not tested their results back. Given the numerous loopholes that are evident within this company It is better to stay away.

The software is limited to marketing material through their site. It doesn’t provide information about how the system functions in terms of rate; it is the one that wins drawdown. In the promotional video the actors are talking about bitcoin’s revolution, but is not discussing Crypto Profit in particular.

Deposits and Withdraw

Crypto Profit does not avail of any information on their site in regards to cashing funds and withdrawing funds. Investors are able to make use of any method they want to transfer funds. The minimum amount they can accept is $250.

The platform, however, doesn’t guarantee its customers the security of their money. If you choose to do deal with them you are exposing yourself to numerous dangers. Choose a different option to the market instead of spending time with this scam.

Additionally, there’s no information about the withdrawal. We don’t know the minimum amount you can withdraw or whether the platform imposes clients to heavy fees. If traders are hoping to earn money from this business, we’re regretful to inform you that it’s only loss that you will suffer.

Customer Support and Regulation

The business is not monitored by any corporation in the field. Crypto Profit is operating in its own way. The person behind the website is operating the operation behind the scenes. We don’t have any details about his physical appearance or what qualifications he holds in the finance field.

Additionally, the company isn’t able to provide any contact information. We don’t know where they operate. The company does not have a contact or email number or accounts on social networks. This shows the dedication the business is unnoticed.

It is not advisable to put your faith in a business that has no transparency or trading results. It’s the worst decision you could ever make. Investment companies that are legitimate will always try to earn confidence from customers. It’s an untruthful Ponzi scheme that doesn’t take any care of its clients.

In addition, Crypto Profit is an illegal business that isn’t authorized to carry out any type of financial transaction by any government around the world. Crypto Profit, in conclusion of time will earn profits to the detriment of their clients.

False Testimonials and Reviews

Crypto Profit is using false details to lure new victims on their site. Crypto Profit was featured on numerous fake reviews by shady marketers on the marketplace. One particular platform is which is infamous for promoting the Ponzi scams.

They even go as far as declaring that they have made millions of dollars, when in actual fact, they aren’t even deposited a dime. They will add hyperlinks to their content that they create using their promotional codes. Each time a new customer signs up, the marketer is paid a specific amount of commission.

So, it is important to be cautious about the information you read on the internet. There are many platforms that are reputable for their users; some can mislead you.

The signal flags don’t stop there, as Crypto Profit also claims it has been featured on numerous news channels around the world. It is also said to have been endorsed by a variety of famous personalities like Sir Richard, Gordon Ramsey, as well as other celebrities.

Unfortunately, the information they offer is untrue. There is no one within the field who could recommend this fraudulent company to the general public. Therefore, make sure you are alert for a new scam following this one’s exit from the market.

Final Verdict

Crypto Profit is a desperate scam that will leave the market in the near future. The company targets those who are naive of the workings of the market. If you decide to try the waters, you’ll just end up with massive losses.

Was ist eine Rufumleitung? Erfahren Sie, wie sie funktioniert und wie sie aktiviert/deaktiviert wird

Viele Telekommunikationsanbieter haben auf Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) umgestellt, um ihren Kunden bessere und unterbrechungsfreie Anrufe zu ermöglichen. Es gibt jedoch Zeiten, in denen die Telekommunikationsdienstleister mit Netzwerkausfällen oder -überlastungen konfrontiert sind, die auf die ständig wachsende Zahl von gleichzeitig aktiven Nutzern zurückzuführen sind. Um dieses Problem zu lösen, verlassen sich viele Nutzer auf die Anrufweiterleitung, um keine wichtigen Anrufe zu verpassen.

Was also ist eine Rufumleitung?

Die Anrufweiterleitung oder Rufumleitung ist eine interessante Funktion, mit der Benutzer ihre Anrufe auf eine andere Telefonnummer umleiten können. Wenn jemand die Rufumleitung auf seinem Telefon aktiviert, bedeutet das, dass er möchte, dass seine eingehenden Anrufe auf dieser bestimmten Telefonnummer auf eine andere Telefonnummer seiner Wahl umgeleitet werden.

Dies ist besonders bei Netzproblemen nützlich und kann auch aus vielen anderen Gründen genutzt werden. Werfen wir einen Blick auf die verschiedenen Arten von Diensten, die im Rahmen der Anrufweiterleitung verfügbar sind, und auf die verschiedenen Fälle, in denen Sie sie nutzen können.

Wie die Anrufweiterleitung funktioniert und welche Arten der Anrufweiterleitung es gibt

Immer weiterleiten
Wenn Sie von der Arbeit oder Ihrer Familie abwesend sind und keine wichtigen Anrufe verpassen möchten, können Sie diese Funktion auf Ihrem Mobiltelefon aktivieren, um alle eingehenden Anrufe an eine Nummer Ihrer Wahl weiterzuleiten.

Anrufumleitung bei Besetzt
Dieser Dienst ist hilfreich, wenn Sie auf einen wichtigen Anruf warten, Ihr Telefon aber trotzdem benutzen müssen. Er ermöglicht es Ihnen, Ihre eingehenden Anrufe an eine andere Rufnummer weiterzuleiten, während Sie Ihren Anschluss noch benutzen. Das heißt, wenn Sie diesen Dienst aktivieren, werden eingehende Anrufe nur dann an die angegebene Nummer weitergeleitet, wenn Sie gerade telefonieren.

Anrufumleitung bei unbeantworteten Anrufen
Wenn Sie in einer Besprechung beschäftigt sind oder aus anderen Gründen nicht ans Telefon gehen können, müssen Sie den eingehenden Anruf möglicherweise an eine andere Telefonnummer umleiten. Nur Anrufe, die Sie nicht entgegennehmen, werden weitergeleitet.

Anrufweiterleitung bei Nichterreichbarkeit
Dies ist eine der besten Funktionen der Anrufweiterleitung, denn so verpassen Sie auch bei einem Netzausfall keine Anrufe mehr. Wenn Sie diese Funktion auf Ihrem Gerät aktivieren, werden alle Ihre Anrufe weitergeleitet, wenn Sie sich in einer Zone ohne Netzabdeckung befinden oder wenn Ihr Telefon ausgeschaltet ist.

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Weiß der Anrufer, dass der Anruf weitergeleitet wird?

Da der Anrufer direkt mit dem Weiterleitungsziel verbunden wird, wenn er die Nummer anruft, wird er möglicherweise bemerken, dass sein Anruf weitergeleitet wird. Dies hängt jedoch auch von den Telekommunikationsanbietern ab, die dem Anrufer möglicherweise eine Nachricht vorspielen, die ihn darüber informiert, dass sein Anruf an eine andere Nummer weitergeleitet wird.

In bestimmten Fällen können die Anbieter auch ein Musikstück abspielen, während der Anruf aufgebaut wird. Möglicherweise ändert sich auch das Klingelzeichen oder es kommt zu einer leichten Verzögerung vor dem Klingeln, da die Anrufweiterleitung im Allgemeinen einige zusätzliche Sekunden dauert.

So aktivieren Sie die Rufumleitung

Um einen Anruf weiterzuleiten oder umzuleiten, benötigen Sie ein Mobilteil, das mit einer Anrufweiterleitungsfunktion ausgestattet ist. Die Aktivierung der Anrufweiterleitung kann direkt über die Einstellungen Ihres Telefons erfolgen. Beachten Sie, dass dies das Standardverfahren ist, das Sie unabhängig von Ihrem Telekommunikationsanbieter befolgen müssen.

Gehen Sie zu „Einstellungen“ > „Anruf“ > „Erweiterte Einstellungen“ > „Anrufweiterleitung“.
Gehen Sie einfach zu den „Einstellungen“ Ihres Telefons und navigieren Sie zu „Anruf“. Gehen Sie nun zu „Erweiterte Einstellungen“ und wählen Sie „Anrufweiterleitung“. Die meisten Mobiltelefone verfügen über diese Funktion und ermöglichen es Ihnen, die Anrufweiterleitung zu aktivieren, indem Sie die oben genannten Schritte ausführen.

Sobald Sie die Funktion „Anrufweiterleitung“ aktiviert haben, werden Ihnen die vier oben beschriebenen Optionen angezeigt:

Immer weiterleiten
Umleitung bei Besetzt
Weiterleiten, wenn der Anruf nicht entgegengenommen wird, und
Anrufweiterleitung bei Nichterreichbarkeit.

Wählen Sie Ihre bevorzugte Option aus und geben Sie die Telefonnummer an, an die Sie Ihre eingehenden Anrufe weiterleiten möchten. Sobald Sie die Rufnummer eingegeben haben, wird die Anrufweiterleitung automatisch aktiviert. Falls Sie jedoch feststellen, dass Ihr Telefon diese Funktion nicht bietet oder Sie nicht in der Lage sind, sich zurechtzufinden, haben wir einen weiteren einfachen Prozess.

So deaktivieren Sie die Rufumleitung

So deaktivieren Sie die Rufumleitung, wenn Ihr Telefon unbeantwortet ist: ##61#
So deaktivieren Sie die Rufumleitung, wenn Ihr Telefon nicht erreichbar ist: ##62#
Um die Umleitung zu deaktivieren, wenn das Telefon besetzt ist: ##67#
Um alle Arten von Anrufen zu deaktivieren: ##21#
*Beachten Sie, dass Sie den entsprechenden Code von der Handynummer, die Sie deaktivieren möchten, wählen und die Anruftaste drücken müssen. Wenn Sie die Anrufweiterleitung über Ihre Telefoneinstellungen aktiviert haben, können Sie alternativ dieselben Schritte ausführen und die aktualisierte Handynummer löschen.

WhatsApp Profilbild wird nicht angezeigt?

Whatsapp ist die meistgenutzte Messenger-App rund um den Globus, aber einige Nutzer beschweren sich, dass ihr WhatsApp-Profilbild nicht angezeigt wird. Es steht außer Frage, dass WhatsApp das Chatten zwischen den Nutzern lebendiger und unterhaltsamer gemacht hat.

Aber die Wahrung der Privatsphäre eines Nutzers ist einer der wichtigsten Faktoren in der digitalen Welt. Auch wenn Whatsapp über einige Funktionen zur Kontrolle der Privatsphäre verfügt, wie z.B. das Blockieren von unerwünschtem Material usw., gibt es dennoch einige Probleme. Aber das prominenteste Problem, mit dem der Benutzer konfrontiert wird, ist, dass die DP nicht auf Whatsapp angezeigt wird. In dem folgenden Beitrag werden wir sehen, wie das DP-Problem gelöst werden kann.

Lösungen für das nicht angezeigte WhatsApp-Profilbild

Im Folgenden sind die Lösungen, durch die man das Problem der nicht in der Lage, Profilbilder auf Whatsapp sehen zu lösen.

Entfernen Sie den WhatsApp-Kontakt und speichern Sie ihn erneut unter einem anderen Namen.
Wenn Sie das Profilbild eines bestimmten Kontakts auf WhatsApp nicht sehen können, obwohl die Datenschutzeinstellungen von WhatsApp auf beiden Seiten (auf Ihrer Seite und auf der Seite der Person, deren Profilbild Sie sehen möchten) korrekt sind. Dann müssen Sie die Kontaktnummer aus der Telefonkontaktliste entfernen und unter einem anderen Namen speichern.

Wenn Sie den Kontakt zum Beispiel früher unter dem Namen Akshay Sharma gespeichert haben, müssen Sie ihn jetzt unter dem Namen Akshay S. oder A. Sharma speichern und dann die Liste aktualisieren.

Und wenn du immer noch nicht in der Lage bist, sein/ihr Profilbild auf deinem WhatsApp zu sehen, dann musst du den Kontakt (dessen Profil nicht angezeigt wird) informieren und ihn/sie bitten, die oben beschriebene Methode mit deiner Kontaktnummer zu befolgen. Sobald die Kontaktnummern auf beiden Seiten mit einem neuen Namen gespeichert sind, müssen die Benutzer ihre Liste aktualisieren.

Nach dem Aktualisieren können Sie nun die Profilbilder Ihrer Freunde sehen. Wenn diese Methode bei Ihnen nicht funktioniert, empfehlen wir Ihnen die nächste Methode.

Löschen der WhatsApp-Daten

Manchmal ist der Datenspeicher der App begrenzt. Es kann vorkommen, dass das Whatsapp-Profilbild nicht angezeigt wird, da die Bildwiedergabe beeinträchtigt wird. Es hängt im Wesentlichen von der Smartphone-Hardware des Benutzers und den Bedingungen und dem Speicher der aktiven App ab.

Und am wichtigsten ist, dass Sie sicherstellen, dass die neueste Version von Whatsapp heruntergeladen oder auf Ihrem Smartphone aktualisiert wird. Die mit Ihrem Android- oder IOS-Gerät kompatibel ist; außerdem sollte das Gerät nicht verwurzelt oder gejailbreakt sein. Mit der neuesten Version von Whatsapp auf dem Telefon aktualisiert, kann der Speicher leicht durch die App-Einstellung verwaltet werden.

Durch das Löschen der Clustering-Daten von Whatsapp können Sie die Probleme mit den nicht angezeigten Profilbildern lösen.
Die App-Einstellungen müssen erneut überprüft werden, da WhatsApp die Sicherheit für das Profilbild erhöht hat.
Neue Sicherheitsfunktionen zur Verbesserung der Privatsphäre der Profilbilder von Kontakten werden regelmäßig von Whatsapp eingeführt. Sie ermöglichen es dem Nutzer, die Privatsphäre seiner Daten zu kontrollieren.

Zum Beispiel wird das Whatsapp-Profilbild einer anderen Person erst dann angezeigt, wenn Sie die Nummer und den Namen dieser Person nicht auf Ihrem Telefon gespeichert haben.

Wenn ein Nutzer nicht möchte, dass ein anderer Nutzer sein Profilbild in Whatsapp sieht, muss er nur die Kontaktnummer aus der Kontaktliste löschen. Der gelöschte Kontakt kann die Benutzer-DP nicht mehr sehen. Diese Funktion ist sehr hilfreich in der Whatsapp-Gruppe. Es ist eine gute Option für weibliche Benutzer, da sie sich mehr Sorgen um ihre Privatsphäre machen als Männer.

WhatsApp-Kontaktliste manuell aktualisieren

Wenn der Benutzer immer noch nicht in der Lage ist, das Profilbild auf Whatsapp zu sehen, dann kann er die Whatsapp-Kontaktliste manuell aktualisieren.

Schritte zum Aktualisieren der Whatsapp-Kontaktliste:
Öffnen Sie Whatsapp auf Ihrem Telefon.
Tippen Sie nun auf das Symbol in der rechten unteren Ecke des Bildschirms.
Auf der oberen rechten Seite des Whatsapp-Bildschirms sehen Sie drei vertikale Punkte in der Nähe der Suchschaltfläche, tippen Sie auf diese.
Tippen Sie auf die Option „Aktualisieren“.
Dadurch wird alles von Ihrer Seite aus aktualisiert.
Auf diese Weise werden alle Ihre Kontakte und Namen in der WhatsApp-Datenbank aktualisiert. Dadurch wird das Problem, dass das Whatsapp-Profilbild nicht angezeigt wird, behoben.

Human Rights Foundation CSO pede aos leitores da Time que não ‚demonizem‘ o Bitcoin

“O bitcoin é neutro como o dinheiro e não pode discriminar entre o bem e o mal”, disse Gladstein.

Alex Gladstein, diretor de estratégia da Human Rights Foundation, está alertando os americanos sobre a narrativa vinda de meios de comunicação que relatam criptografia e outras ferramentas de privacidade

Em um artigo para a Time Magazine publicado hoje, Gladstein disse que muitos veículos de notícias cobrindo histórias sobre aplicativos de mensagens com foco em privacidade Signal ou Bitcoin ( BTC ) tendem a associá-los a terroristas ou organizações criminosas. O executivo da Fundação de Direitos Humanos recuou em narrativas que pintam a privacidade e a autossoberania sob uma luz negativa, dizendo que a próxima luta seria mudar para dinheiro – neste caso, criptomoedas.

“As autoridades culparão o extremismo não apenas no Signal e no Telegram, mas também no Bitcoin e em qualquer coisa que eles não possam controlar”, disse Gladstein.

Ele adicionou:

“Bitcoin é neutro como dinheiro e não pode discriminar entre o bem e o mal […] Alguns extremistas usam essas ferramentas. Eles também usam telefones celulares, e-mail e internet. ”

Gladstein afirmou que a privacidade financeira era tão essencial para um estado democrático saudável quanto a privacidade nas ferramentas de comunicação. Ele destacou como jovens manifestantes pró-democracia em Hong Kong usaram dinheiro em vez de cartões de crédito para viajar para as manifestações, de forma que as autoridades teriam mais dificuldade em rastreá-los.

Enquanto isso, funcionários do governo na Bielo-Rússia, Rússia e Nigéria puderam “monitorar e congelar contas bancárias” para qualquer pessoa associada a movimentos semelhantes. Nesses casos, muitos grupos e indivíduos pró-democracia conseguiram usar a criptografia para contornar essas medidas e ainda obter financiamento. Por exemplo, uma criptografia baseada na Ucrânia recusou-se a atender a uma solicitação oficial do Departamento de Investigações Financeiras da Bielo-Rússia para fornecer informações pessoais sobre indivíduos que poderiam ser potencialmente rotulados como dissidentes.

“A maioria dos americanos pode ainda não compreender que a privacidade financeira é tão importante quanto a privacidade das comunicações para nossa democracia – que seus hábitos de consumo dizem mais sobre você do que suas palavras”, disse Gladstein. “Em uma sociedade aberta, a capacidade de comprar livros políticos, ter procedimentos médicos discretos e construir comunidades sem vigilância governamental é essencial.

O executivo da Human Rights Foundation advertiu que abandonar ferramentas financeiras como o Bitcoin poderia levar a um estado policial maior nos EUA, alimentado por “vigilância em massa para combater o extremismo”.

Não está claro se essa narrativa mudará sob a administração do novo presidente dos EUA, Joe Biden. Muitos no espaço criptográfico estão aparentemente otimistas quanto à escolha de Biden para chefiar a Comissão de Valores Mobiliários , o ex-presidente da Comissão de Negociação de Futuros de Commodities, Gary Gensler. Janet Yellen, confirmada como Secretária do Tesouro no Senado dos EUA ontem, disse que as criptomoedas são „principalmente para financiamento ilícito“, mas ela planejava encorajar seu uso para „atividades legítimas“.

Prof. Kenneth Rogoff: ‚Bitcoin will explode‘

Prof. Kenneth Rogoff: ‚Bitcoin will explode‘

Bitcoin will soon be regulated and the bubble will burst, that’s what Harvard professor Kenneth Rogoff thinks.

He stated this in an interview with us.

These are his words:

„Well, certainly I think I agree that [Bitcoin] is speculative. I’ve been a Bitcoin skeptic and certainly the price has gone up. But there’s sort of a final question about what the utility is. It only has value because people think it has value. This is a bubble that would burst.“

According to Rogoff Bitcoin Formula certainly cannot bankrupt states and current monetary systems:

„I can imagine Bitcoin being used in failed states. It is conceivable that it might have some utility in a dystopian future. But I think all governments will not allow anonymous transactions on a large scale. They simply won’t allow it. Regulation will come. The government will win. It doesn’t matter what the technology is. So I think you know that beyond if there is no use, in the long run, yes, the bubble will burst. I hope there isn’t such a valuable use but I suppose it’s a hedge against dystopia.

Rogoff also says he is aware that any regulation could cause the price of cryptocurrencies to fall, but adds:

„That’s not the purpose. But you know you have to have transactions that obey the same kind of information rules as everything else. So I think governments are working on that. It’s not used that widely. And I suspect that even though Bitcoin lobbyists have been successful in getting it in some places, it’s not going to last.“

The Validity of Kenneth Rogoff’s Theses on Bitcoin

Kenneth Rogoff, besides being a professor at Harvard, has also been Chief Economist at the International Monetary Fund. He is considered one of the top ten economists in RePEc’s Ranking, the Research Papers in Economics that disseminate economic research by bringing together experts from 102 countries around the world.

In short, his point of view is by no means marginal.

What is certain is that the possibility of regulating cryptocurrencies is more than concrete. Janet Yellen, the new Biden-era US Treasury Secretary, will work on it. She herself, while recognising the potential of cryptocurrencies, suggested that regulation could be done to encourage legitimate use, while curbing illicit uses.

Only a few days earlier, Yellen had stated that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are used for illegal purposes. These words were enough to make the market turn negative. This episode proves the validity of Rogoff’s argument that regulation would drive down the prices of crypto assets.

Ripple places his hopes in Biden’s administration, while his co-founder sells 28.6 million XRPs

Ripple’s general counsel, Stu Alderoty, predicted that Joe Biden’s administration would probably „help level the playing field“ for the cryptomorphs

Ripple places his hopes in Biden’s administration, while his co-founder sells 28.6 million XRPNOTÍCIAS

After closing 2020, facing a lawsuit from the US Securities and Exchange Commission under Donald Trump, Ripple’s leadership is looking to the new year and a new US president to bring about a change in regulations more favourable to the company.

According to a posting on Ripple’s website with comments from key executives, the company is predicting that the next Biden administration will likely „bring a renewed focus on regulation and enforcement“ in the cryptomorph market.

„As we have seen, the lack of a clear regulatory framework over the last four years in the US in particular has left fintech and blockchain players in a limbo state,“ the post said. „Other countries like the UK, Switzerland, Singapore and Japan are far ahead.

Both Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen expressed their criticism of the SEC’s policy of „regulation through coercion“ ahead of the process.

Stu Alderoty, the company’s general counsel, was quoted in the article as saying that he believes Biden’s management will make regulation of cryptomites a priority over the next four years because he „understands its implications for public and private sector innovation.

„Smart, well thought-out regulations communicated effectively and uniformly applied can help level the playing field and trigger innovation and greater mainstream adoption here in the U.S.“.
Garlinghouse echoed that sentiment yesterday, praising Biden’s SEC President nominee, Gary Gensler, as an individual more likely to be friendly to Ripple and the crypto and blockchain industry as a whole:

The news comes at the same time that Jed McCaleb has resumed his extraordinary sale of portions of the 9.5 billion XRP he received as co-founder of Ripple before leaving the company in 2014. The analyst, Leonidas Hadjiloizou, reported that yesterday McCaleb sold 28.6 million XRP – about US$8.5 million at the time of publication – after 25 days of no apparent activity following the news of the Ripple SEC case.

McCaleb still has billions of XRP tokens available in his portfolios. In December, Whale Alert reported that Ripple’s co-founder liquidated 1.2 billion XRP in 2020 for over US$400 million, reducing its total XRP tokens to around 3.25 billion at the time of publication, or US$970million.

Ripple is facing an SEC case opened in December alleging that the company has been selling XRP tokens in violation of US securities laws. The case is scheduled for a pre-trial virtual conference on February 22.

At the time of publication, the price of XRP was R$0.30, up 2.9% in the last 24 hours.

Il mercato si ribalta rialzista mentre Bitcoin spinge oltre i 19.000 dollari, i supporti tecnici chiave tengono

Dopo essere sceso fino a 17.600 dollari a metà della scorsa settimana, Bitcoin è entrato in una tendenza al rialzo.

La moneta attualmente viene scambiata per 19.200 dollari al momento della stesura di questo articolo, anche se si è mossa fino a 19.400 dollari solo poche ore fa. Questo è il Bitcoin più alto che il Bitcoin ha scambiato in circa una settimana.
Grafico dell’azione del prezzo di BTC negli ultimi tre giorni. Fonte: BTCUSD da

Mentre alcuni hanno postulato che la Bitcoin potrebbe essere in ripresa a causa della diversa dinamica del mercato vista nei fine settimana rispetto ai giorni feriali, c’è un numero crescente di nomi di spicco convinti che questo sia il vero breakout.

Perché gli investitori Bitcoin si stanno finalmente convincendo del caso del toro

I migliori analisti si stavano dirigendo verso la settimana scorsa per una buona ragione: le balene avevano iniziato a depositare più BTC nelle borse, il dollaro americano aveva iniziato a rimbalzare, c’erano segnali tecnici che richiedevano una correzione, e le voci sulla regolamentazione erano molto diffuse.

I loro timori si sono dimostrati giusti, dato che la moneta è scesa da oltre 19.000 dollari ai minimi a 17.600 dollari, come già detto.

Mentre alcune delle preoccupazioni di cui sopra sono ancora valide – in particolare, la regolamentazione criptata è ancora in corso – questi stessi analisti hanno avuto un cambiamento d’opinione, poiché hanno notato le tendenze chiave del mercato Bitcoin.

Un trader storicamente accurato, chiamato „Bitcoin Jack“, ha condiviso domenica mattina che con i livelli di supporto tecnico chiave che tengono mentre i compratori assorbono la pressione di vendita, ha iniziato a riacquistare sul mercato:

„Il prezzo è tornato al punto in cui ho abbandonato il mio posto per l’ultima volta e molto vicino ai miei livelli di invalidazione, ho riacquistato la mia esposizione al posto perché il mercato continua a comprare in picchi di resistenza“.

„Bitcoin Jack“ è considerato uno dei migliori trader su Twitter, avendo chiamato il fondo di marzo 2020, la successiva inversione a forma di V a 10.000 dollari, poi l’ultima tappa oltre i 18.000 dollari e oltre, molto prima che accadesse qualsiasi di questi eventi.

I fondamentali sono forti anche per Bitcoin.

Matt Kaye, un socio dirigente di BlockHead Capital, ha notato sabato che secondo la sua matematica del „rough, back of the napkin“, ci sono almeno 820 milioni di dollari di Bitcoin che saranno acquistati „tra qui e almeno 20 mila dollari“.

Kaye sta probabilmente facendo riferimento alle notizie su MicroStrategy, MassMutual e altri attori istituzionali e aziendali che stanno acquistando Bitcoin da aggiungere al loro bilancio.

Per evidenziare MicroStrategy in particolare, la scorsa settimana la società ha raccolto 650 milioni di dollari in un’offerta di debito privata. L’azienda cerca di acquistare BTC e BTC da sola con quel capitale.
Il mercato si ribalta al rialzo mentre Bitcoin spinge oltre i 19.000 dollari, i supporti tecnici chiave tengono

  • Bitcoin
  • 13 dicembre alle 20:28 UTC
  • $19,144.55
  • 1.98%

Il Bitcoin, attualmente al primo posto nella classifica del mercato, è aumentato dell’1,98% nelle ultime 24 ore. BTC ha un market cap di 355,52 miliardi di dollari con un volume di 25,68 miliardi di dollari nelle 24 ore.

India: significant growth in crypto adoption in 2020

The adoption of cryptos in India is growing strongly in 2020.

In particular, some data suggest that it could go so far as to snatch from China the scepter of the Asian country with the largest volume of trade.

This is revealed by a report by Arcane Research that analysed in particular the exchange volumes of bitcoins on P2P platforms such as LocalBitcoins and Paxful.

Limited to the Asia-Pacific area, India and China are currently on the same level, both accounting for 33% of total P2P trading volume. All other Asian countries combined barely reach 34%.

These include the Philippines and Thailand, both with average weekly volumes in excess of $800,000, with the Philippines experiencing strong growth, with weekly volumes at the beginning of the year at just $50,000, and the main national exchange reaching 10 million users.

But India is the real protagonist, given that until last year China dominated these rankings unchallenged.

The growth occurred particularly on Paxful, where the weekly volume increased from less than 80 million rupees at the end of 2019 to over 200 million in September, while from July onwards it has always been over 150 million.

At this point it is fair to imagine that an overtaking could occur in the near future, given that volumes in China do not seem to be significantly higher than in the past.

Among other things, the ban on exchanging fiat money in cryptocurrency in China has favoured P2P platforms without intermediaries, whereas in India this ban no longer exists, so in theory P2P platforms should not be particularly favoured.

Moreover, in China, for example, Paxful has become the leader in this market since LocalBitcoins introduced the mandatory KYC for all, and in fact Paxful dominates the Asian P2P trading market, with a total weekly volume of over $5 million, compared to $4 million for LocalBitcoins.

Looking only at the figures for the second half of 2020, India has already overtaken China from this point of view, precisely because there has not been the powerful growth in China that there has been in India since July.

Therefore, in reality there has already been an overtaking in the short term, while as far as annual volumes are concerned, it will presumably have to wait a little longer.

Why has crypto adoption increased in India in 2020?

The report also identifies some possible reasons behind this Indian boom.

First, the removal of the ban by the Supreme Court in March: after the abolition of banking restrictions, the weekly P2P volume increased by 87%.

In addition, there is a strong distrust of the traditional financial system in India, due to very unpopular decisions such as the withdrawal of high-value banknotes in 2016.

The Indian rupee has been underperforming against the US dollar for years and is now worth 10% less than it was before 2016.

Finally, there is the issue of remittances. In fact, according to the World Bank, India is the main country in the world receiving remittances, so much so that in 2019 they amounted to 83 billion dollars, as much as 2.9% of the national GDP.

These remittances may have lower costs and limitations if cryptocurrency is used, and given that due to the pandemic it is estimated that they will be reduced by 23%, it is possible that several Indians have thought of converting some of their savings into bitcoins.

As trade volumes generally increase as the price of BTC rises, if there is further growth next year, then India’s final overtaking of China can be expected in terms of P2P crypto trade volume.

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Analista técnico superior diz que Bitcoin está formando uma configuração „clássica“ superior

O Bitcoin passou por um rally extremo nos últimos dias

Depois de ter ficado em baixa na região de 16.100 dólares na semana passada, a moeda subiu para 19.600 dólares a partir da redação deste artigo
A moeda foi negociada até 19.900 dólares mais cedo hoje.
John Bollinger está avisando que a Bitcoin Up poderá em breve encontrar uma alta de curto a médio prazo.

A Bitcoin poderia em breve encontrar um topo, diz o analista

O Bitcoin passou por um rali extremo nos últimos dias. Depois de ter ficado em baixa na região de 16.100 dólares na semana passada, a moeda subiu para mais de 19.600 dólares a partir da redação deste artigo. Hoje cedo, a moeda foi negociada até $19.900 em alguns mercados à vista e mais de $20.000 em alguns dos mercados futuros da CME.

Espera-se que a Bitcoin obtenha novos ganhos nas próximas semanas, à medida que a moeda poste sua melhor vela mensal para fechar. Espera-se também que a BTC veja uma enorme vela anual fechar, caso mantenha estes níveis até o final do ano.

Alguns estão avisando que pode haver uma correção no horizonte, no entanto.

O lendário analista técnico, John Bollinger, diz que é provável que haja uma queda ou consolidação do Bitcoin. Bollinger é conhecido pelo indicador Bollinger Bands, que ele criou. O indicador é agora um grampo nas caixas de ferramentas de muitos comerciantes.

Bollinger comentou o Bitcoin na manhã de segunda-feira, referindo-se ao gráfico abaixo:

„OK, hora de prestar atenção, $BTCUSD“. Esta é uma configuração clássica de topo. Nenhuma confirmação ainda e a configuração poderia ser facilmente ultrapassada, mas os comerciantes sensatos deveriam lavar seus óculos“.

Bollinger é há muito tempo um fã do Bitcoin. Ele segue ativamente o mercado e tem emitido previsões assustadoramente precisas no passado, tais como a chamada de alguns movimentos intra-semana em outubro de 2019 e a previsão de algumas ações de preços no início deste ano.

Gráfico da ação de preços da BTC durante os últimos nove meses com uma análise do proeminente analista técnico John Bollinger

Início de uma Grande Corrida de Touros

Seja qual for o caso, os analistas pensam que o rally em andamento é o início de uma tendência de touro de longo prazo que levará Bitcoin muito acima de seu recorde anterior.

O CIO de Off the Chain Capital disse recentemente à Globe and Mail que ele acha que a mudança da Bitcoin para $100.000 neste ciclo de mercado não é implausível:

„Eu vi o BTC subir 10X, 20X, 30X em um ano“. Portanto, subir 5X não é um grande negócio“.

Outros também fizeram esta forte afirmação.

Raoul Pal, CEO da Real Vision, disse recentemente que acha que a Bitcoin poderia atingir US$ 1.000.000 nos próximos cinco anos como resultado dos influxos institucionais. Pal acaba de anunciar que 98% de seu patrimônio líquido (líquido) está atualmente em criptograma, seja Bitcoin ou ETH.